Fouress Butterfly Valves are used in utilities and in Captive Power plants for the Cooling water system for isolation and control applications

Fouress High performance Butterfly valves and Triple offset Fire safe Butterfly valves find application for isolation and control duty for oil , gas , inflammable fluids and for the emergency isolation of the flare stacks.

Fouress Gas Tight Isolators ( Dampers ) find application for the isolation and control of the flue gases in the Gas Turbine ( GT ) based captive power Plants and GT driven compressor stations for heat recovery.

Product Application
Diverter damper HRSG Inlet / Bypass stack in Gas based combined cycle captive power plant
Guillotine damper / Blanking Plate Isolation of HRSG in a Gas based power plant.  Also for isolation of hot gas in heat recovery system.
Multi louvre damper HRSG Inlet / Bypass stack / Main stack damper in gas based captive power plant . Also for control and isolation of hot gas in heat recovery system.
Product Application
Butterfly Valve Pump Discharge/ Condenser Inlet and outlet / Cooling Tower / Condenser steam extraction line
Non Return Valve Pump Discharge
High Performance/ Triple offset Fire safe  Butterfly Valve Isolation of inflammable fluid pipeline.

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