Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

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*Higher Sizes/Pressure available on request.





The Fouress Triple eccentric high performance Butterfly valve is a high integrity Butterfly valve which is particularly suitable for variety of arduous applications. Basically such valves can be categorized as under:

1.Fire safe to API 607
2.High Temperature
3.Other critical applications

A triple eccentric butterfly valve is ideal when we need for fire safe duty, it can withstand a fire and retain its sealing integrity after the fire for short period of time, after which the valve may be refurbished. The fire safe testing as per API 607 is a mandatory requirement for such critical applications.

“High temperature” Butterfly valves are designed to suit specific applications and particular attention is given to selection of the correct material for the duty involved. The term “High temperature” is in the context of Butterfly valves covers the range of temperatures, above which traditional resilient valve cannot operate.

The third category of Butterfly valves are for critical applications, where for some specific reasons the use of resilient valve seal is precluded. Typical use would be pipelines carrying solvents or other chemicals and liquid or gases containing corrosive particles.

This product is a breakthrough in Butterfly valve design, which is not only certified as fire safe, but can also be used continuously at an elevated temperature up to 550 Deg. C.




A unique tilted cone/sphere geometry which ensures complete freedom from the problems of scuffing and pick-up, that are often experienced with many existing valves with metal to metal seal. As a result, it is possible to obtain a bi-directional tight shut off throughout the temperature range and a low operating torque range which ensures long life and high integrity on thermal cycling.
  Replaceable laminated disc seal.
Suitable for pressure applications ranging from vacuum to 30 kgs/cm Sq.
Size range: From 80mm to 3000 mm nominal bore
On specific request, valves of larger sizes and/or suitable for higher temperature applications can also be supplied.
Can be supplied either as flangeless lugged or double flanged valves to any standards as per client’s requirement.
Valves are certified as fire safe as per API 607.Valves can be offered with manual, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators. Also, fail-safe system for emergency operation can be offered.

Design Specifications

Design Specifications


Product : Triple Eccentric High Performance Butterfly Valve
Design Specifications :
Size range 3”(80 mm) – 118”(3000 mm)*
Design Pressure Class 150 /Class 300*
Temperature range Up to 550 Deg C
Design & Governing Standard API 609/BSEN 593 / ISO 5752/ ANSI B16.34
Mode of operation Manual / Pneumatic / Electric / Hydraulic
End connection Lug Wafer/Flanged
Material of Construction (MOC)
Body Cast Carbon Steel( ASTM A 216 GR. WCB/WC6/ Stainless Steel (ASTM A 351 CF3/CF3M  CF8 /CF8M)
Disc Cast Carbon Steel( ASTM A 216 GR. WCB/WC6/ Stainless Steel (ASTM A 351 CF3/CF3M  CF8 /CF8M)
Shaft Stainless Steel (ASTM A 479 TYPE 304/316/410/431 or BS 970 431 S29))
Seal Laminated SS with High performance Glass Fibre/Graphite
Seat ring Stainless steel  AISI 304/316 /304L/316L
Bearing Ni Resist Type D2/Steel bakced PTFE
Temperature range Upto 550 Deg C.

* Higher Sizes / Pressure available on request

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Triple Eccentric High Performance Butterfly Valve

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